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Auto Alloys 5083 5754

Aluminum has become a key raw material for reducing the weight of the car body for the development of the automobile industry today. The formability and production performance of the automotive aluminum are very close to those of steel plates. Therefore, using aluminum alloys instead of steel materials is one of the main weight reduction methods adopted by automobile manufacturers in various countries.

Among the current production of four bulk civilian flat-rolled aluminum products (PS and CTP substrates, aluminum foil strips, all-aluminum can materials, and ABS), ABS panel has the highest production difficulty and technical threshold, and the largest investment in equipment and construction.

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In addition to the mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, dimensional deviation and surface quality that meet standards and specifications, ABS panel should also have the following characteristics such as good formability and flanging ductility, so its production is no less difficult than aviation aluminum plates.

The auto alloys mainly include 5000 series and 6000 series. The common aluminum grades are 5052, 5754, 5182, 6016, 6014, and 6181. 5000 series alloy is an aluminum alloy that cannot be heat treated and strengthened. It has moderate yield strength and tensile strength, corrosion resistance, processability and good weldability.

5083 tooling plate is known for its excellent performance in extreme environments. It contains magnesium and small amounts of chromium and manganese. This grade of aluminum exhibits very high resistance to corrosion in chemical and marine environments.

AW 5083 has the highest strength of all non-heat treatable strengthened aluminum alloys and retains this property even after welding. Although this alloy is not suitable for use at temperatures above 65 degrees Celsius, it performs well at low temperatures.

Due to its range of desirable properties, AW 5083 can be used in numerous applications, including cryogenic equipment, marine applications, pressure equipment, chemical applications, welded structures and vehicle bodies.

AW 5754 is the aluminum-magnesium alloy with the highest proportion of aluminum and can be rolled, forged, and extruded. Al5754 h111 is the is also a non-heat treatable strengthened aluminum alloy and can be strengthened by cold working, but has low ductility. In addition, this type of alloy has excellent corrosion resistance and high strength. It is commonly used in welded structures, floor decoration, fishing gear, vehicle bodies, food processing and rivets.

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