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Factory Scale

Haomei automobile aluminum mainly covers two kinds: Aluminum body panels and aluminum sheet for car chassis. Aluminum body panels include car door, hood panel, roof panel, truck lid, fender, interior and outer door. The aluminum sheet for the lightweight of car chassis covers wheel hub and electric vehicle battery bottom plate.

For meeting the production of rich types and specifications of car aluminum, Haomei Alumium has built a special aluminum body panel factory in Luoyang, the space covering 325,000 square meter. The annual productivity is 100,000MT.

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Advanced Equipment

Haomei has developed 3300 mm "1+1" hot rolling production line and “1+4” hot rolling production line. We also own 20 production lines and more than 60 large-scale processing equipment developed by Germany, South Korea, Italy,etc., such as smelting furnace, hot rolling mill, cold rolling mill, CALP line.

Advanced Processing Technologies

For better processing effect, we have coil pre-treatment including passivation, oiling and pre-aging. This pre-treatment not only shortens the production cycle, replacing cleaning&lubricating, pickling&passivation and additional treatment, but also decreases the production cost.


We implement 6S management system, ensuring extremely high product qualification rate. The purchase of the aluminum ingots are all from large supplier having stable cooperation with us. This also contributes to the stable and competitive price of the finished products. We also have strict and standardized control of the whole production process.

To improve our R&D ability, we also have close cooperation with domestic colleges and dozens of experts in addition to our own testing laboratory, having chemical analysis laboratory, oil analysis laboratory, spectral analysis laboratory, stretching laboratory, and microanalysis laboratory.

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Health and Safety

At Haomei Aluminum, the management and staff strictly the domestic safety management system and environmental protection rule. We are proud of exceeding a more than 1 Million Hour No Lost Time Accident Rate which, not only serves to highlight our commitment to the safety and security of our staff and workplace but also recognize our employees for maintaining and contributing to the culture of safety within our firm.

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