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Bus Body Panel 5052 5454

The aluminum sheets and profile can be used for the parts of new energy vehicles like car body, car floor, wheels, chassis, anti-collision beams, power batteries and seats. Among them, the body includes a body frame made of high-performance aluminum profiles and skins and doors made of high-precision aluminum plates.

A Chinese bus manufacturer uses 6-series aluminum alloy profiles to weld the entire vehicle frame and the bus body panel chooses 5-series aluminum sheet. The vehicle body weight is reduced by more than 30%. It has the advantages of light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance and strong vibration absorption ability. As a new energy vehicle, it has the characteristics of long cruising range. Compared with the general steel body, the weight reduction rate reaches more than 40%.

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The main advantages of all-aluminum buses lie in structural safety, sturdiness, endurance and environmentally friendly recycling performance. In developed countries, even traditional energy buses use a large amount of aluminum alloys like AA5454 as body frames and coverings. However, Considering the cost, aluminum alloy materials are generally used as body frames in China only on high-end new energy buses such as electric vehicles.

Lightweight is a significant feature of all-aluminum body buses. Due to the use of aluminum alloy materials, the weight of the bus body can be reduced by about 46%, and the weight of the entire vehicle is reduced by 11.6% in the unloaded state. Taking a 12-meter all-aluminum body bus as an example, the weight reduction of the entire vehicle can be as high as 1.2 tons.

Because the all-aluminum body is lighter, the vehicle consumes less fuel. According to estimates, a 12-meter all-aluminum body bus can save 38,250 liters of fuel during the entire operation cycle based on an eight-year operation cycle. The fuel economy will be significantly improved.

Due to the lightweight characteristics of the all-aluminum body, the bus's fuel consumption is reduced and exhaust emissions are reduced. The recycling rate of aluminum is as high as more than 95%, which can be recycled multiple times, saving resources and being more environmentally friendly.

The bus body skin is a thin aluminum plate covering the outer surface of the bus body frame. The use of the skin material affects the surface quality of the bus body. The bus body skin is generally made of aluminum 5052 plate.

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