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5182 5454 for Aluminum Auto Body

Aluminum is widely used in the lightweight automotive industry for its high strength-to-weight ratio, corrosion resistance, and excellent formability and machinability. It can reduce vehicle weight, energy consumption, and emissions.

5000 aluminum alloys such as 5052, 5182, 5083, 5754, etc. have the characteristics of high strength, excellent formability, and good corrosion resistance. These alloys are often used to manufacture aluminum auto body such as hoods, trunk lids, doors, fenders, roofs, and chassis. In addition, 5052 and 5083 alloys are also used to produce fuel tanks and hydraulic tanks.

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5182 aluminum alloy is a medium-strength aluminum alloy with excellent forming and processing performance, corrosion resistance, weldability and fatigue resistance. Compared with steel, 5182 aluminum alloy has a lower density, which can significantly reduce the weight of the car, improve fuel economy, and reduce carbon emissions. In addition, aluminum alloy has strong corrosion resistance, which can effectively extend the service life of the car. These characteristics make 5182 aluminum sheet have a wide range of application prospects in the field of automobile manufacturing.

In term of deep stamping performance and tensile strength, 5052 aluminum alloy is far inferior to 5182 alloy. Therefore, the preferred aluminum alloy for complex automotive deep stamping inner panels is 5182-O aluminium sheet. What are 5182 0 aluminum mechanical properties?

5182-O aluminum sheet is a state of the material after full annealing. 5182 aluminum alloy can be heat treated in O, H32, H34 and other states. The hardness of 5182 aluminum alloy is slightly higher than other ordinary aluminum alloys, about 60~70HB.

5454 aluminum alloy plate is an aluminum-magnesium alloy suitable for use under high temperature conditions, with good strength and corrosion resistance at high temperatures. When used at temperatures above 135°C for a long time, 5454 (0/H111) has better strength than 5083 (O/Hll) aluminum-magnesium alloy.

5454 h32 aluminum is 5454 aluminum in the H32 temper. To achieve this temper, the metal is strain hardened, and then stabilized, to a strength that is roughly a quarter of the way between annealed (O) and full-hard (H38).

5454 h32 mechanical properties

Brinell hardness


Elastic(Youngs Tensile) modulus

69 GPa

Elongation at break


Fatigue strength

160 MPa

Poissons ratio


Shear modulus

26 GPa

Shear strength

170 MPa

Tensile strength: ultimate

270 MPa

Tensile strength: Yield

200 MPa

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