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The Properties of 6xxx Aluminum Automobile Panel

Lightweight is a direct means to realize energy saving and emission reduction of automobiles. At the same time, lightweight has obvious effects on improving automobile handling performance, reducing braking distance and acceleration time, and improving electric vehicle endurance.

Automobile body and covering parts account for the total weight of the automobile 20%~30%. If the aluminum automobile panel is used to replace steel sheet, the weight reduction effect can reach 40%~50%.

Aluminum alloy automobile panels are mainly 5xxx series and 6xxx series such as 6111 aluminum. The 5xxx aluminum is mainly used for the inner panel and structural parts and the 6xxx aluminum is mainly used for the outer panel and some structural parts.

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The typical requirements of 6xxx aluminum alloys used in cars has the following aspects:

1. they have a low and stable yield strength during supply and storage to ensure good forming performance and consistency during stamping.

2. They has high surface quality without defects such as deformation stripes after stamping.

3. The covering parts after stamping are generally painted and baked, and the coating and baking of automobile body panels generally include a series of paint curing processes. It mainly includes electrophoretic coating, middle coat baking and top coat baking.

The car manufacturers hope that the strength of aluminum covering parts will increase rapidly and drastically after baking, that is, it will have a faster response rate of baking paint and a higher increase in paint hardening. The above performance requirements are closely related to the composition, crystal grains, precipitates, texture, surface quality of 6xxx aluminium.

The main alloy elements of 6xxx aluminum automotive plates are Mg and Si, besides Cu, Fe, Mn, Cr and other microalloys and impurity elements. The Mg2Si phase is the main strengthening phase.

In order to improve the aging response rate during baking, the composition range of the 6xxx series automotive sheet is generally located on the right side of the Mg2Si balance line, that is, the Si content is in an excess state.
Due to the extremely high requirements for surface quality, performance consistency, and stability of 6xxx car aluminum, there are not so many 6xxx automotive panel suppliers in large amount, including Novelis, Okoninck, Aleris and Haomei.

Haomei Aluminum has developed a series of aluminum automotive sheets such as aluminum 6016, 6014, 6111, etc., which can realize stable production with a thickness of 0.8mm~3.5mm and a width of 800mm~2400mm. Welcome to leave message below to inquire what you need.

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