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Aluminum Sheet for Car Busbar and Hood Panels

With the rise of new energy vehicles and the development of energy Internet, busbars will replace standard cables and are widely used in the manufacture of new energy vehicles, as well as emerging industries such as robot manufacturing, smart grids, and photovoltaic equipment. In particular, soft bus has become an important power transmission technology in the field of new energy.

The soft busbar has the advantages of high transmission efficiency, safety and stability, and small footprint, so it is widely used in charging piles, power distribution cabinets, power exchange equipment and other fields.

Aluminium busbar refers to seamless aluminum tube, which is extruded from pure aluminum or aluminum alloy and is hollow along its length. Common alloys for aluminum busbar are 6063, 6061, and 6101. 6063 alloy is widely used in outdoor high-voltage substation busbars due to its excellent mechanical and electrical properties. In the case of high electrical conductivity and minimum mechanical loss, aluminum 6101 is used.

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The hood is located at the front of the car, over the engine compartment. Some rear-mounted vehicles have the hood at the rear of the car. The hood panel is mainly made of rubber foam cotton and metal materials, which can reduce engine noise, isolate engine heat and protect internal parts.

The original intention of the design of the hood is to improve the structural strength of the vehicle, so that the car is not easy to suffer from rain, impact and other adverse factors, which will cause the vehicle to be scrapped.

Al6061alloy reaches medium strength after special treatment (T6), and its strength is higher than that of the 5xxx alloys. Moderate strength is very suitable for the automotive industry. The aluminum alloy sheet used for different parts of the automobile body is also different. Among them, the Al 6061 is suitable for making the hood outer panel, car door and fenders.

6061 aluminum sheet is a representative aluminum plate among the 6xxx alloys. And it is an aluminum plate with good performance after hot rolling. After continuous hot rolling, aluminum sheets with different thicknesses can be formed, and then the internal stress is eliminated through pre-stretching, so as to ensure that the product is not deformed during processing, and the quality of the car is balanced and stable.

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