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Is Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys are The Best Material for Car Manufacturing

Compared with steel and iron, aluminum is much lighter in weight, and aluminum resources are abundant, and the market supply is sufficient. After adding alloy elements, aluminum has the characteristics of low density, light weight, high thermal conductivity, strong shock absorption ability, easy recycling and high corrosion resistance.

The density of aluminum alloy is about 1/3 of that of steel, the ability to absorb impact is about 2 times that of steel, and the thermal conductivity is about 3 times higher than that of iron. Therefore, aluminum alloy is the preferred material for automobile lightweight, and it was used in automobiles earlier.

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The application of aluminum alloys in automobiles is mainly as follows:

1. Cast aluminum alloy

has excellent casting performance, and there are many casting methods. The most suitable alloy and casting method can be selected according to the requirements and economic benefits of the purpose of use, part shape, quantity, quality standard, mechanical performance, etc., and the production efficiency is relatively high.

2. Deformed aluminum alloy

Compared with cast aluminum alloy, wrought aluminum alloy has much superior strength and toughness. Deformed aluminum alloys are mainly used in the manufacture of parts such as bumpers, hoods, protective covers for brake assemblies, mufflers, anti-lock braking systems, heat exchangers, body frames, seats, and chassis floors in automobiles. The proportion of wrought aluminum alloys in automobiles in the United States is relatively high.

3. Forged aluminum alloy

Due to the high price, forged aluminum alloys were only used in a small amount in European and American luxury cars in the past. Since the forged aluminum alloy is not oxidized during hot forging, the surface is smooth, the machining allowance is small, and there is no processing defect, the application in automobiles is gradually increasing.

AA6061 T6 has great advantages in making automobile body parts. Body sheets affect the manufacture of the entire body to some extent, so it is also important in material selection. AL-Mg-Si wrought alloy is a strengthened alloy that can be heat treated. After the alloy is formed, heat treatment has an important impact on the performance of the product, and the most influential one is the solution aging in the heat treatment system.

Pre-stretching after solid solution can also fully exert the paint baking effect of 6061 body panels, and this performance can reach the peak of aging in a short period of time. Studies have shown that 6061 aluminum alloy can obtain good comprehensive properties after pre-stretching and natural aging.

6056 aluminum alloy is an Al-Mg-Si-Cu alloy widely used in automobile and aviation fields. Its strength is 15% higher than that of 6061 aluminum alloy, and its weldability, corrosion resistance and machinability are better than 7075 and 2024 aluminum alloy. Welcome to inquire automotive aluminum alloys from us.

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