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Al 5754 5182 for Automotive Panels

The automotive aluminum sheet is widely used in the field of transportation due to its high strength, good extrudability, good weldability, and good corrosion resistance. It is especially suitable for car body and car frame.

The use of aluminum alloy as the raw material for the production of vehicles can reduce the weight of the vehicle and help to improve the speed. The reduced weight of the vehicle is also conducive to saving energy consumption. In addition, aluminum alloy has excellent corrosion resistance, it can also prolong the service life when used in the manufacture of the cars.

5xxx Al-Mg is currently the most widely used alloy series, with high cost performance, excellent processability and weldability. The typical alloy grades are Al 5182, 5052, 5083, 5754,etc. What are their uses in the automobile manufacturing?

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Aluminum 5182 has good superplasticity, deep drawing performance and tensile strength. It is a good choice for making complex automotive inner panels. Due to its good forming properties and elongation, it has wide applications in automotive body panels.

In the production of aluminum alloy, it is necessary to make a reasonable choice of quenching process. Different quenching processes have different effects on the production of aluminum alloy sheets. The quenching process is mainly selected according to the aluminum alloy variety to ensure the effective implementation of the process. For example, in the production process of the 5182 alloy plate of the Audi A8 sedan, the air quenching process is usually selected to complete.

The 5754 aluminum alloy continuously forms yield microdomains during the stretching process, and the yield microdomains present uneven features. Such inhomogeneity is not conducive to the aesthetics of the aluminum alloy for automobiles.Especially after the aluminum alloy surface is painted, obvious defects will appear and affect the appearance.

Therefore, the 5754 aluminum alloy is only suitable for manufacturing the inner panel material of the automobile body, but not suitable for manufacturing the outer surface covering parts of the automobile body.

At present, there are many domestic researches on the box-type annealing process of 5754 aluminum alloy (long holding time). The performance difference of materials is explored under different heat treatment processes. Al 5754 h22, h32 and O temper are produced according to the research results.

There is the mainstream automotive sheet production process: semi-continuous casting (direct chill casting, DC) to produce large-size slabs → sawing head and tail → sharpening surface → heating → high-temperature rolling in large wide-width hot rolling mills → coil → cold rolling to the thickness of the finished product → heat treatment with an air-cushion continuous heat treatment furnace of special heat treatment equipment for automotive panels. If it is necessary to control the microstructure and grain size of the material, an intermediate annealing process can be added in the cold rolling pass.

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