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5000 Series VS6000 Series Aluminium Alloy in Vehicle Field

For car enthusiasts, it is crucial to understand the performance and application areas of different types of aluminum alloys in automobile manufacturing. 5000 and 6000 aluminum alloys are the two common types of automotive aluminum sheets. They have obvious differences in composition, application fields, uses, physical properties and processing techniques.

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Different metal components

The main alloy component of 5 series aluminum alloy is magnesium, with a magnesium content of 3-5%. The alloy components of 6 series aluminum alloy are magnesium and silicon, one of which enhances corrosion resistance and the other enhances mechanical properties.

The typical grades of 5xxx aluminum alloys are 5052 al, 5083, 5086, 5059, etc. They are widely used in ship hull, fuel tank, airplane skins,etc. The typical alloys of 6xxx aluminum alloys are 6016, 6014, 6061,etc. They are often used as the panel vehicle like the car door.

Different applications

6 series aluminum alloy is mainly used for support in the industrial and construction fields. Because 6 series aluminum alloy has good mechanical properties, it has wider applications in these fields.

5 series aluminum alloys are mainly used in the from of aluminum sheets such as 5052 aluminum sheet, while 6 series aluminum alloys are mainly used in the form of aluminum profiles. Since the 6 series aluminum alloy has good deformability and the characteristics of hot extrusion profiles and die casting, it can be used to manufacture automotive panels, pipes and profiles, etc. The 5 series aluminum alloy can also be used in profiles, such as 5050 aluminum alloy.

Different physical properties

5 series aluminum alloy is characterized by low density, high tensile strength and high elongation. The 6 series aluminum alloy is characterized by medium strength, good plasticity, excellent corrosion resistance, especially no stress corrosion cracking tendency. Therefore, 6 series aluminum alloy is an alloy with a wide range of applications and broad prospects.

Different processing processes

For automobile manufacturing, there are also obvious differences in the processing processes of 5 series and 6 series aluminum alloys. 5 series aluminum alloys cannot be heat treated, while 6 series aluminum alloys can be heat treated, so special attention needs to be paid to selecting the appropriate treatment process during the manufacturing process. Alu 6014 is a main car body panel.

In automobile manufacturing, choosing the right aluminum alloy can not only improve the performance of the car, but also reduce manufacturing costs and increase the service life of the car. Haomei Aluminum has rich kinds of 5xxx and 6xxx automotive aluminum alloys. Welcome to inquire what you need from us.

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