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What Are The Advantages of Cars Made of Aluminum

For automobiles, in addition to fuel saving, the lightweight all-aluminum alloy body can squeeze the ultimate power and handling performance. Generally speaking, under the condition of constant power, the lighter the car the faster the speed and the more sporty.

At the same intensity, the lighter the car, the safer it is. The heavier the car body, the stronger the inertia, the greater the impact strength it will bear after an accident, and the more serious the consequences of the accident.

Of course, the aluminum alloy body also has many disadvantages, such as the high production cost. One is that the price of some aluminum alloys even exceeds that of gold; the other reason is the production process is more complicated and there are more technical difficulties. Therefore, all-aluminum bodies are currently basically used in luxury high-end vehicles. So What are the advantages of cars made of aluminum?

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The Aluminum Alloy Used in Cars

Now a trend in automobile manufacturing is to use aluminum for the manufacturing of body in white such as roof panel, car door and hood panel. The hood panel of such cars like Audi A6, Renault Laguna ii, Peugeot 307 are aluminum body panels. Renault Laguna ii's engine hood, roof and door panels all use aluminum alloy. Many automobile manufacturers introduce aluminum alloy into the production of body structure parts.

The Advantages of Aluminum Body Panels

The aluminum body panel has many advantages not only in reducing the weight of the car, but also in reducing fuel consumption and improving the maneuverability of the vehicle. Another reason why an aluminum body is superior to other steel bodies is its environmental performance.

It can reduce fuel consumption and reduce pollution emissions during the production process, because 99% of aluminum can be recycled.

To a certain extent, it compensates for the high cost of smelting aluminum from aluminum ore. The proportion of aluminum is about one-third of that of steel. The application of aluminum alloys used in cars manufacturing can reduce the weight of vehicles by 20-30% and can reduce fuel consumption by 10%, which means that 0.5 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers can be saved.

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