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The Properties of Automotive Aluminum Sheet

With the improvement of energy saving, emission reduction and environmental protection requirements, the demand for lightweight automobiles is rising. Studies have shown that every 10% reduction in the weight of a car is equivalent to an increase in fuel efficiency of 8%-10%. Automotive aluminum sheet is widely used for the car lightweight.

The application of aluminum alloy sheets in automobile industry is gradually expanding, and it is an effective means of automobile lightweight. At present, in some high-end models such as BMW and Audi, aluminum engine covers, fenders and outer plate of car door, have been widely adopted. In recent models, Jaguar XJ, Audi A8, etc. have almost realized all-aluminum body.

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Pure aluminum is soft and low in strength. The aluminum alloys used in automobile panels are mainly 5000 series (Al-Mg) and 6000 series (Al-Mg-Si) aluminum alloys. 5xxx aluminum like 5182 aluminum sheet series (Al-Mg-Si) aluminum alloys. 5000 series aluminum alloy plate has the advantages of ordinary carbon steel plate in terms of strength, formability, surface treatment and corrosion resistance, but there are 2 obvious shortcomings: delayed yield and stretcher-strainmark.

Increasing the Mg content can inhibit the generation of stretcher-strainmark, but with the increase of Mg content, the tensile properties decrease significantly and the work hardening phenomenon is serious. Therefore, 5000 aluminum alloy sheets are mostly used for inner panels of Body in White.

The 6000 aluminum alloy has a good combination of strength and plasticity due to the addition of Mg-Si alloy elements, and has excellent comprehensive properties. Compared with steel plates, the yield strength and tensile strength of 6061-T4 aluminum plates are similar, and the n value exceeds that of steel plates. After baking harden, its performance can get improved further.

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