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The Developing Trend of Automotive Aluminum Sheet

Under the current energy-saving and emission-reduction policies, the demand for lightweight automotive is strong. The automotive aluminum sheet has good mechanical properties, processing properties, corrosion resistance and weldability. Its density is 1/3 of that of steel, so its weight reduction effect is outstanding.

For example, aluminum bus bodies can reduce weight by 46% compared with traditional steel bus bodies.The vehicle is lighter in weight, fuel efficient, and safer. Therefore, aluminum has become the first choice for lightweight transportation.

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In terms of application parts, body panels is the most promising application field. The current forms of aluminum used in automobiles are mainly castings, forgings, profiles and aluminum sheets, among which castings account for the largest proportion.

The application parts include hood cover, car door and truck lid. The cars made of aluminum alloy includes Audi A8, A2, Chrysler Prowler, Jeep, Subaru legacy , Hyundai Motors Genesis, etc. At present, aluminum alloys used for car body Al-Cu-Mg (2000 series), Al-Mg (5000 series) and Al-Mg-Si (6000 series).

Although the 5 series alloy like 5182 aluminum has lower cost and better forming properties, it will leave traces of tensile strain after forming, and needs to be polished again with abrasives. In this regard, 6xxx aluminum like 6061 aluminum sheet has better properties in terms of ductility, stretchability, and dent resistance, and has become the first choice of current auto manufacturers.

The aluminum sheet processing technologies include pretreatment, heat treatment, forming, welding, spraying, baking and other aspects. To improve the application percentage of aluminum alloy in automobile field needs the cooperation of aluminum plate manufacturer and automobile manufacturers. Haomei Aluminum can supply 5182 and 6061 aluminum sheet in large amount. Welcome to leave message below to inquire.

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