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The Application of 6014 Aluminum in Cars

The density of aluminum is lower than that of iron and copper, so in comparison, cars made of aluminum alloys are relatively light. Many aluminum alloys like 6014 aluminum is relatively easy to process and manufacture, and can be formed into various shapes by cutting, compressing, and stretching.

In addition, aluminum alloys have relatively high electrical and thermal conductivity, which arewidely used in automotive applications, especially for automotive radiators and various electronic devices in automotive applications.

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The overall performance of automotive aluminum is very high. After technical treatment, the aluminum alloy material has strong chemical properties and pressure resistance. Compared with steel, aluminum is more active, easy tor process and of low price, which other metal materials can’t reach.

In order to get better automobile performance and reduce environmental pollution, aluminum alloys have gradually entered the automotive industry. Nowadays, aluminum alloys have a high influence in the automobile manufacturing industry.

There are two ways to reduce the weight of the car: one is to change the frame structure of the car; the other is to choose relatively lighter raw material. Up to now, through the analysis and investigation of the automobile industry, modern automobile manufacturers focus on the application of aluminum alloys.

Automotive aluminum sheet also has high environmental protection and energy saving effect. The methods of reducing the fuel consumption of a car is to reduce the weight of the car and improve the efficiency of the car engine. Reducing the weight of the car is the most effective and direct method. The aluminum alloy is relatively light, so it can be used to effectively improve the energy-saving effect of the car.

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