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Aluminium Used in Electric Vehicles

Different from traditional fuel vehicles, new electrical vehicles use batteries as power to drive the vehicle. The battery tray is the battery cell, and the module is fixed on the metal shell in a way that is most conducive to thermal management, playing a key role in protecting the normal and safe operation of the battery. Its weight also directly affects the vehicle load distribution and endurance of electric vehicles.

The automotive aluminum sheet refers to the production of autobody panels using aluminum alloy as raw material. Utilizing the characteristics of aluminum alloy materials such as light weight, high strength and excellent corrosion resistance, the application effect of automobile body panels is improved. In existing automobile production, aluminum alloy sheets are mainly used in automobile door panels, roof panels, fenders and other structures.

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Aluminum alloy inner panels for automobiles are mainly based on 5xxx series alloys, such as 5052, 5182 alloys, etc. In terms of deep drawing performance and tensile strength, 5052 aluminum alloy is far less good than 5182 alloy. Therefore, the first choice aluminum alloy sheet for stamping complex inner panels is 5182-O thin aluminum sheet.

5052 aluminum plate is an aluminum alloy that cannot be strengthened by heat treatment. It is suitable for complex-shaped parts such as inner body panels. It can also be used for automobile skins, doors, automobile engine outer panels, automobile fuel tanks, etc. 5052 aluminum plate has high strength, high resistance to stress corrosion cracking, and low tendency of weld cracks, which can ensure the safety performance of automobiles.

AA6016 aluminum alloy sheets are used in car door outer panels. They can meet the dent resistance design requirements by increasing the sheet thickness and optimizing certain structures. On the premise of meeting the stiffness, strength design requirements and relevant collision regulations, AA6016 aluminum alloy plates can be widely used in the outer panels of automobile doors to replace traditional steel plates, reducing the weight by more than 40% and achieving lightweight purposes.

Compared with the steel plate front anti-collision beam assembly, the front anti-collision beam assembly made of alloy 6063 and 6016 not only reduces the weight significantly, but also improves the anti-collision effect. 6063 and 6016 alloys are two commonly used deformed aluminum alloys. The manufacturing cost of aluminum alloy anti-collision beams is approximately 18.5% higher than that of steel beams.

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