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7075 and 6061 Aluminum Alloys in Cars

Aluminium alloys in cars have excellent ductility, half the density of steel and good corrosion resistance, making it the material of choice for lightweight structures. Taking 7075 aluminum alloy as an example. Its tensile strength is 560MPa, which is no lower than steel. For the same weight of steel and aluminum, aluminum is larger and can increase structural strength without increasing weight.

Aviation 7075 aluminum is also widely used in the automotive field. In automobile manufacturing, it is used to manufacture important components such as hoods, car doors, and frames. Due to its high strength and lightweight properties, it can improve the crash performance and fuel efficiency of the car. In addition, aviation 7075 aluminum is also used to manufacture structural and decorative parts of rail transit vehicles, which is corrosion-resistant and beautiful. Aluminium 7075 T6 is is main temper.

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Today's car wheels are basically made of aluminum. Using aluminum alloy wheels has a very obvious effect on reducing fuel consumption. Most car wheels use 6061 aluminum alloy. The car's suspension swing arm and other bottom guard parts can also choose 6061 aluminum profile.

6061 aluminum is a kind of Al-Mg-Si wrought ally, which is n alloy strengthened by alloy heat treatment. Heat treatment after alloy formation has an important impact on the performance of the 6061 aluminum strength. The greatest impact is the solid solution effect in the heat treatment system. Pre-stretching after solid solution can also give full play to the paint baking effect of the 6061 aluminum sheet and make this performance reach the peak of effectiveness in a short period of time.

6061 alloy reaches medium strength after special treatment (T6), and its strength is higher than that of 5 series alloys. The moderate strength is ideal for the automotive manufacturing industry. The 6061-O aluminum plate has good extrusion formability, and the finished product after quenching has high hardness and strength, which meets the requirements of lightweight and high-strength composite high-end wheel hubs.

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