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The Use of 6061 and 7075 Aluminum Plate in Automobile

The main demand for using aluminum alloys in automobiles is to replace steel and achieve lightweight. The overall strength of the structure needs to meet the requirements for lightweight vehicles.

The mechanical properties of aluminum alloys are different from those of steel: aluminum alloys have a high yield-to-strength ratio and low elongation, making cold deformation processing of aluminum alloys much more difficult than that of steel, and aluminum is prone to rebound. The elastic modulus of aluminum is low, about 70GPa, and that of general alloy steel is about 200GPa, which is three times that of aluminum. Aluminum is less impact resistant.

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When automobiles are used for long periods of time and long distances, it is impossible to replace structural parts, so the fatigue resistance of aluminum alloys is very important. Because of the use of surface anti-corrosion technology, automobile parts are not afraid of corrosion from the external environment. However, due to the multi-pass cold processing and connection of materials, the formation of stress corrosion and electrochemical corrosion have a huge impact on the service life and safety of automotive products.

In addition to 6063 and 6061, the automotive aluminum alloy extruded profiles of the American, Japanese and European series are different. 6061 aluminum alloy has great advantages in making automobile body panel parts. Body panel parts affect the manufacturing of the entire body to a certain extent, so the material selection is also very important. AL-Mg-Si wrought alloy is an alloy strengthened by alloy heat treatment. Heat treatment after the alloy is formed has an important impact on the performance of the product. The greatest impact is the solid solution effect in the heat treatment system. Find more about 6061 aluminum properties on our website.

Generally speaking, most automotive aluminum alloys choose medium-strength or medium-high 6 series alloys, and some low-grade 7 series alloys. Appropriate selection of materials according to product use. It is not always possible to select the best alloy according to the needs of aluminum for the car body, because extrusion of some materials may not necessarily meet the conditions for industrial mass production.

Taking 7075 aluminum alloy as an example, its tensile strength is 560MPa, which is no lower than the strength of the steel mentioned above. For the same weight of steel and aluminum, aluminum is larger and can increase structural strength without increasing weight. Moreover, the current aluminum car bodies are mostly welded with thick-walled forged aluminum beams, which have more advantages than stamped thin steel in terms of structural strength and stiffness, and of which the overall stability of the mechanism is better.

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