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The Properties of 6xxx Automotive Aluminum

Safety, environmental protection and energy saving are the themes of the current development of the automobile manufacturing industry. Lightweight cars are crucial to reducing body weight, fuel consumption and emission.

Studies have shown that for every 1kg of automotive aluminum used in automobiles, 2kg of weight reduction can be achieved; for every 10% weight loss of automobiles, fuel consumption can be reduced by 6% to 8%, and exhaust emissions can be reduced by 4%.

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Aluminum alloys have high specific strength, excellent corrosion resistance and good processing ability, and the strength after heat treatment is comparable to that of steel, so it can be used as an ideal lightweight material for automobiles. Automotive aluminum alloys mainly include 2xxx aluminum, 5xxxx aluminum and 6xxxx aluminum.

5xxx aluminum is a non-heat-treated strengthened aluminum alloy with excellent forming properties. It is mainly used to produce inner plates with complex shapes, but the surface of the plate is prone to some defects when it is stamped and deformed.

6xxx aluminum is heat-treatable and strengthened aluminum alloy with high strength and certain paint hardening. It is mainly used for outer panels and parts with high requirements for strength and rigidity.

After 6xxx aluminum alloy is solutionized at 560℃ for 1h, water quenched and artificially aged at 180℃ for 8h, its tensile strength is 401N/mm2, the yield strength is 356N/mm2, and the elongation is 17%. Through the comparison of different tempers of 6016 aluminum, it is found that its stamping performance is the best in the fully artificially aged state.

Through the warm drawing experiment of 6016 aluminum alloy, it is found that at 175℃, the drawing height is increased by 30% compared with normal temperature. Through the study on the effect of temperature deformation on the mechanical properties of 6061 aluminum sheet, it shows that in the range of 160℃~230℃, as the forming temperature increases, its harness also increases.

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