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Aluminum 6016 and 6101 for Automobile Making

The countries that use the most aluminum alloys in the automotive field include the United States, Japan, Germany and China. For example, the German Volkswagen Audi A8 and A2, Japan's NXS and other vehicles use 80% aluminum alloys for their bodies.

Some data show that replacing traditional steel structures with aluminum alloy structures can reduce the weight of automobiles by 30% to 40%. Making engines out of aluminum can be 30% lighter, and making wheels 50% lighter. The use of aluminum alloy is one of the important ways for automobiles to be lightweight.

At present, aluminum sheets for car bodies mainly include 5 series and 6 series aluminum alloys. 5 series aluminum alloy has excellent deep stamping performance. Because it is easy to produce L├╝ders bands on the surface during the molding process, such surface defects cannot be completely covered after painting. It is mainly used for body inner panel structural parts.


Although the forming performance of 6 series aluminum alloy like Al6016 is not as good as that of 5 series aluminum alloy, its appearance quality after molding is good and its strength can be improved through baking hardening in the painting stage. It is widely used in interior and exterior covering parts of car bodies.

Many people like to compare 6 series aluminum alloys with 5 series aluminum alloys, believing that the performance of 6000 aluminum alloys than 5000 aluminum alloys. In fact, they each have their own advantages and play their own roles in their areas of expertise.

The main component of aluminum alloy is aluminum, and different aluminum alloys mainly have different alloy composition and content. The alloy composition of the 5 series is mainly magnesium, while the alloy composition of the 6 series is magnesium and silicon. Magnesium is the element that increases corrosion resistance and silicon is the element that increases strength.

The 5xxx aluminum alloys have a high magnesium content, so they have strong corrosion resistance, but low hardness. They also have good ductility. The 6000 aluminum alloys have higher hardness, relatively strong corrosion resistance, and good plasticity, so they can be used as a supporting profile.

The 6016 aluminum alloy that can be strengthened by heat treatment can be used to prepare automotive panels. This aluminum alloy sheet has lower strength and better formability before stamping. Baking after stamping further increases the yield strength, making it own better anti-dent performance.

Al-Mg-Si alloy with magnesium and silicon as the main added elements has high strength (about 1.8 times that of electrical hard aluminum) and density ratio, good electrical conductivity and excellent corrosion resistance. 6101 aluminum alloy wire has medium strength, and high conductivity, which can be used for long-distance power transmission lines.

Compared with traditional steel core aluminum alloy stranded wire (ACSR), all-aluminum alloy stranded wire (AAAC) twisted from a single Al-Mg-Si alloy wire can well avoid electrical corrosion and can improve power transmission efficiency.

At the same time, the Al-Mg-Si series alloys are heat-treatable strengthened alloys, and their strength and conductivity can be adjusted by solid solution + aging heat treatment. The processing flow of 6101 aluminum is: casting - rolling - solution treatment - cold drawing - aging heat treatment, so that it has high strength.

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