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6016 Aluminum Plate for ABS

It is shown that replacing the traditional steel structure with an aluminum alloy structure can reduce the weight of a car by 30% to 40%. The use of aluminum alloys is one of the important ways for automobiles to be lightweight and environmentally friendly. In addition, the main advantages of aluminum alloys are light weight and good heat dissipation. Therefore, it is very necessary to research and develop aluminum alloy auto parts.

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6xxx aluminum alloys like 6016 aluminum plate are the most widely used aluminum alloys in the automotive industry. They have excellent formability, high strength performance, good corrosion resistance, edge folding, and smooth surface performance. At the same time, after painting and baking, the strength performance has been improved to a certain extent.

The replacement of steel plates with aluminum alloy plates for the inner and outer panels of automobiles can reduce the body weight by 40% to 50%, thereby reducing the net weight of the vehicle by about 10%. Ford Model T, Ford Prodigy, FORD T-150 pickup, Jaguar XJ, Ferrari 360, Chrysler Prowler, Volkswagen 31 Lupo, Audi A2, A8, the Honda Insight, Honda NSX, Tesla Special-Model, S, etc. all use aluminum body.

6016 t4 aluminum is widely used in ABS, but the heat treatment process is complicated, and pre-aging treatment T4P must be carried out between solution treatment and paint treatment to obtain good performance.

Because it should have good formability before stamping, and can rapidly increase the strength during the paint baking process after stamping, so as to have high dent resistance. After the 6016 alloy sheet is treated with solution-T4P-baking paint, it can meet the requirements of both aspects, but the process parameters have a great influence on the final performance.

Insufficient solution treatment reduces the precipitation power of T4P and artificial aging during the paint baking process. Long holding time may lead to grain coarsening. Low pre-aging humidity reduces the performance stability of the plate during placement and the hardening effect during the paint baking process.

If the temperature is too high, it will affect the forming performance of the stamping process. It can be seen that the solid solution and T4P process parameters should be optimized to obtain the ideal comprehensive performance.

At present, one of the main reasons that restrict the large-scale application of aluminum alloys in automobiles is that its price is higher than that of steel. In order to promote the large-scale application of aluminum alloys in automobiles, the material cost must be reduced. Haomei Aluminum has rich automotive aluminum alloys. Welcome to leave message to inquire what you need.

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