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What Type Of Aluminum Is Used In Cars

There are nine series of aluminum alloys in total. At present, the uses of aluminum in cars are 5, 6, and 7 series. 5000 and 6000 aluminum alloys are more popular, featuring low density, good tensile strength and fatigue resistance, which can achieve higher strength at much lower than the weight of steel.

5xxx aluminum body sheet is often used to the interior door. The car doors, engine hoods, and side panels generally choose 6xxx aluminum like 6016 aluminum sheet. 7xxx aluminum alloy is regarded as a high-strength material in aluminum alloy, with a tensile strength of 500 MPa, which is already the limit of current aluminum.

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The safety of drivers and passengers is absolutely the top priority. The parts that make up the "safety cage" include A-pillars, B-pillars, upper and lower thresholds, door anti-collision beams, and so on. The strongest materials on the body, such as hot-formed steel and high-grade advanced high-strength steel are used here.

On the one hand, it is hoped that the materials will be strong enough that the amount of intrusion into the safety cage is small, so as not to harm passengers. On the other hand, in this small intrusion process, it is still hoped that enough energy can be absorbed.

Car doors and engine hoods have very low requirements for strength, and the most important thing is the requirements for rigidity and deformation. Ordinary mild steel or 6xxx aluminum alloys can be used here.

The natural advantage of aluminum is its low density, which is only one-third that of steel. In the same volume, the weight is one-third of steel, so there is still a lot of use in lightweight body. The place where its value is most embodied is the car body panel. After all, strength is not so important in this position.

In addition, the all-aluminum body is not a whole body. Different types of materials will be distributed according to the stress of different parts of the body. Usually it will be connected by means of self-piercing rivets, laser welding, adhesive bonding, etc. It is not true that the whole body is scrapped after hitting it. Car aluminum still has a promising market. Welcome to leave message below to inquire what you need.

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