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The Aluminum Alloy 5083 in Automotive Industry

In cargo transportation vehicles, more than 85% of the parts can be made of aluminum alloy, and its performance fully meets the corresponding standards. In most industrially developed countries, the all-aluminization of trucks has been basically completed, the level of which has even exceeded 85%, and the lowest level has exceeded 70%.

Dump trucks are the main trucks used to transport granular and powdery materials. The body is made of aluminum alloy 5083 and 5A05 aluminum plate. 5183 aluminum alloy is used in the welding place. The body is welded with 5083 aluminum plates of about 5mm.

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The aluminum alloy dump truck is 50% lighter than the original all-steel truck, but its performance and load-bearing performance can meet the requirements. Dump trucks are also the main direction of current all-aluminum trucks.

Alloy 5083 is also used for the main body of the van, which is about 40% lighter than the vans made of traditional steel plates. The lightweight body allows it carry more cargo. 5083 aluminum plate is also widely used in automobile air storage cylinders.

The air storage cylinder is a gas storage device used in the automobile braking system. It is used to store the gas compressed by the air compressor (air pump), which is used in automobile braking, whistling and other systems.

In the beginning, the air storage cylinder is made of iron, but it is easy to rust and difficult to clean, resulting in a greatly shortened service life. At present, most air storage cylinders are made of 5083 aluminum plate because of its good cleanliness, strong corrosion resistance and good formability. Welcome to leave message below to inquire 5083 aluminum price.

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