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5754 5182 Automotive Aluminum Sheet

At present, aluminum alloys for automobiles can be basically divided into die-casting aluminum alloys and deformed aluminum alloys, among which die-casting aluminum alloys are the main ones, accounting for about 66%.

Deformed aluminum alloys can be divided into rolled sheets (18%), extruded profiles (11%) and a small amount of forgings (5%). Automotive aluminum sheets are mainly used for body panels, including four doors and two covers (front and rear doors, hood, trunk lid), roof, fenders, etc.

Deformed aluminum alloys for vehicles mainly include 5xxx Al-Mg, 6xxx Al-Mg-Si and 7xxx Al-Zn-Mg. Among them, 5000 series aluminum alloys cannot be strengthened by heat treatment and have excellent formability. However, after forming, the yield point is likely to be extended and the surface will wrinkle.

5754 aluminum sheet belongs to Almg3. The magnesium alloy content is higher than that of the 5052 aluminum plate. 5754 aluminum plate is a medium-strength aluminum alloy plate with a magnesium alloy content of 2.6-3.6, with good rust and corrosion resistance. It has anodized surface with no color difference, excellent processability, excellent corrosion resistance, high fatigue strength, high weldability and moderate static strength, and is widely used in welded structures, storage tanks, pressure vessels, ship structures and offshore facilities, automobile manufacturing , transportation tanks, etc.

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Due to the advantages of hardness and tensile strength, it has been used in a large amount in high-speed rail barrier panels in recent days. Usually 5754 aluminum plate will be processed into H111 or HO temper by annealing, because bending can only be done in this state. Of course, its price is higher than 5052 aluminum alloy plate.

Aluminum 5182 and 5754 are non-heat treated work-hardening Al-Mg alloys, mainly used for body structural parts and inner panels. The secondary phases in the alloys are Fe-rich and Mn-rich phases.

Undeformed Aluminum 5182 contains higher secondary phases and larger particle size than 5754 aluminum sheet. The percentages of the second phase in 5754 and 5182 were 0.60 % and 0.98 %, respectively. Welcome to leave message below to inquire what you need.

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