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What Are Aluminum Grades Used in Cars

Alloy 5052, 5182, 5083, 5454, 5754, 6061,6101, 6016, 6014, 6111, 6056 are the popular aluminum grades used in cars. What are the advantages of aluminum car body? Lets’ have a look together.

Compared with the steel used on cheap models, the biggest advantage of aluminum alloy is that it is light enough! You know, the density of steel is 7.8g/cm³, while the density of aluminum is only 2.7g/cm³. This means that under the same volume, the weight of aluminum is only about one-third of that of steel, and it is even lighter than ultra-light titanium alloy with a density of 4.5g/cm³.

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There are many advantages of using aluminum alloys for weight reduction in vehicles. For driving, the lighter the car, the less inertia it has, so whether it is accelerating, decelerating, or cornering, the resistance of the vehicle to change the current state will be smaller, and the response speed will be improved.

For enhancing the rigidity of the vehicle body, the simplest and most effective way is to consume more raw materials. For example, by adding tie rods to create a triangle, and using a larger diameter frame to increase torsional rigidity. But no matter which solution is adopted, it will inevitably lead to an increase in metal materials.

At this time, the material advantages of aluminum alloy are revealed. Although in order to achieve the same strength, the volume of aluminum alloy is 40% larger than that of steel, but under the same volume, the weight of aluminum alloy is only one-third of that of steel, so it can be calculated that when the same strength is achieved under the volume, the weight of aluminum alloy is only 40% of steel.

As we all know, canned drinks like Coca-Cola are made of aluminum. So no matter which direction we apply pressure to it, the bottle will collapse easily. And this kind of softness, certain elasticity, and even certain ductility also endows the aluminum alloy with the ability to better use its own deformation to absorb energy.

According to experiments, the energy absorbed by aluminum in a collision is twice that of steel of the same weight. This also means that if two cars with the same structure, one using longitudinal beam and the other using steel, then at the same collision speed, the impact on the A-pillar of a model using aluminum alloy longitudinal beams is better than that of a model with steel longitudinal beams because the longitudinal beams have better energy absorption.

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