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What Is ABS Aluminum Meaning

What is ABS aluminum

The body is the main frame part of the car and is composed of many parts. The body before the painting process is called the white body. ABS is the abbreviation of Auto Body Sheet, which is specially used for punching sheet metal parts for passenger cars. It is the high-end application of the aluminum. The thickness of car body sheet metal is of 0.8 mm~1.8mm, the width is usually 800mm~2200mm. The aluminum automotive panel is divided into two parts: an outer panel and an inner panel.


Basic requirements for aluminum automotive sheet

The car body s streamlined, the shape is very complex, the curved surface is large and many, therefore aluminum sheet needs to have good abrasion resistance, weather resistance, corrosion resistance, welding performance:

a. It has medium strength and rigidity;

b. It has good plasticity and can adapt to deep drawing deformation;

c. It has good weldability;

d. It has certain corrosion resistance and wear resistance

e. It is with self-aging

f. It should have low density, high specific strength and high specific rigidity.

The current research and development of car aluminum

or a long time, scholars and engineers from various countries have conducted in-depth research on dozens of aluminum alloys such as Al-Cu (2xxx series), Al-Mg-Si (6xxx series) and Al-Mg (5xxx series). After comparison and screening, it is confirmed that 6xxx aluminum alloys have the best comprehensive performance.

American automakers mostly choose 6111 alloy, which has higher strength, and Europe, more often uses 6016, which has better formability. 5xxx aluminum alloy such as 5182 and 5083 aluminum sheet are used for the interior panel.

Through the alloy composition design software, we need to complete the selection and determination of the alloy series of aluminum alloy sheets for automobile outer panels, and determine the alloy elements and content of Fe, Mn, Mg, Si, Ti, and Zn,etc. Welcome to leave message below to inquire what you need.

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