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The Automotive Aluminum Sheets: 6016 and 6061

In recent years, Audi and Jaguar Land Rover have used all-aluminum body structures. Aluminum alloy has become an ideal lightweight material. With different alloy compositions and processing, it can be used for car body, frame, clutch housing, brake parts and cover housing, etc.

In addition to gasoline vehicles, lightweight has also become an important issue for new energy vehicles. Aluminum has also become the most cost-effective choice for electric vehicles. The use of automotive aluminum sheets will effectively reduce the body weight of new energy vehicles, thus freeing up more space for power battery.

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The use of car aluminum is mainly concentrated in three aspects: automobile wheels, automobile engine gearbox housings,automobile frames, interior trim, bottom plate,etc. The heat treating aluminum 6061 is a common choice for car wheels.

Aluminum alloys for the car body mainly include 2000 series, 5000 series and 6000 series alloy plates. The most stressed part of the car body is made of 2000 series or 7000 series materials, which can be strengthened by heat treatment.

The cover panel is the secondary stress part of the car body, using 5000 series or 6000 series materials. The car door and bottom plate chooses 5xxx or 6xxxx automotive aluminum. The interior part uses 1000 series or 5000 series materials, without heat treatment strengthening. The seat part chooses 2000 series or 6000 series materials are used, which can be strengthened by heat treatment.

6xxx aluminum alloy is a kind of the heat treatment strengthened aluminum alloys, which have higher strength, better plasticity and excellent corrosion resistance. Compared with steel plates, the yield strength and tensile strength of 6000 t4 plates are similar.

At present, 6009, 6010 and 6016 aluminum alloys are used in the outer and inner panels of automobile bodies because of their good plasticity and high strength. In addition, in order to enhance the cushioning capacity and fatigue strength of automobiles, VAW of Germany, KOK of Japan, and Haomei Aluminum of China have all developed high-performance automotive aluminum plates based on this alloy.

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