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5182 Race Car Body Aluminum Sheets

Aluminum alloy can be used as the preferred material for the development of lightweight automobiles, and will also be one of the main materials for future automobile development. The use of race car body aluminum sheets is based on the characteristics of low density (about 1/3 of steel materials), high specific strength, excellent corrosion resistance, easy processing and recyclability of aluminum alloy materials.

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Aluminum alloy has high comprehensive indicators in terms of technology maturity, price, weight reduction ability and convenience for automobile manufacturers, and 95% can be recycled, making it the preferred lightweight material at present. Aluminum alloy is easy to cast and has been widely used to make castings such as engine cylinder blocks, pistons and wheels. However, due to the difficulty of sheet metal forming, the all-aluminum body realized by high-cost and low-efficiency sheet metal forming technology is mainly used in low-volume high-end sports cars, race cars and luxury cars like Honda NSX, Audi A8, Jaguar XE and Tesla Model S.

The size of the aluminum alloy plate used for the car body is mainly concentrated in the thickness of 0.7-3mm and the width of 900-2130mm. For example, the hoods of BMW 5 series and 7 series cars, Mercedes-Benz E-class and S-class cars are made of aluminum plates with a width of 2100mm.

The aluminum body panel requires good deep drawing performance, no tensile strain streaks, fast aging, and high strength properties. 5000-series like 5052 and 5182 aluminum alloy are mainly used for the inner lining of automobiles, and 6000-series aluminum alloys with bake-hardening properties are mainly used for the outer panels of automobiles.

Generally speaking, the aluminum used in automobiles is mainly concentrated in three aspects: automobile hubs, automobile engine gearbox casings, automobile frames, interior trim, floor and so on. The commonly used aluminum alloy materials for automobile bodies mainly include 2-series, 5-series, and 6-series alloy plates, and different types of aluminum alloy materials are used for different stress-bearing parts.

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