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Why Is Aluminum Alloy Used for Automobile Hood

Aluminum alloys play an important role in the wave of automobile light weighting, but they also face major challenges. In fact, lightweighting is not just about reducing weight, but about balancing vehicle performance, safety, cost and weight.

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Car wheel

Today's car wheels are basically made of aluminum. Cars without aluminum wheels are either cars from more than ten years ago or very cheap cars. The aluminum alloy wheels has a very obvious effect on reducing fuel consumption of cars, and most car wheels are made of 6061 Al.

Car door and covers

“Two covers” means the hood and trunk lid, which are the parts of the car that are easily damaged. The aluminum alloy used in the "four doors and two covers" is 5182 aluminum plate. Since the 5182 aluminum plate has excellent deformability, it can absorb the impact very well when it is hit by external forces, protecting the driver and passengers to a great extent. Therefore, The four doors and two covers are made of 5182 aluminum alloy, which is safer.

The functions of the aluminum alloy hood

1. Protect the engine. The engine compartment is full of important components of the car. The engine compartment cover protects these parts.

2. Prevent accidents. When the engine operates in a long-term high-temperature, high-pressure, flammable environment, explosion accidents will inevitably occur due to parts loss and overheating. The engine compartment cover can effectively block the air and reduce the burning of flames, thus reducing the risk of accidents.

Covering parts such as doors and hoods have very low strength requirements, and the most important requirement is rigidity and deformation. Ordinary mild steel or 6 series aluminum plates can be used here. The weight-saving effect of aluminum plates is clearly reflected in these parts. However, because the formability of aluminum is not good enough, if a small scratch occurs, the aluminum plate cannot be repaired and can only be replaced.

Car chassis

The car's suspension swing arm and other bottom guard parts also use more aluminum alloys. The aluminum alloy materials used in this part include 5083 aluminum alloy, 5754 aluminum alloy, 6061 Al, etc.

Later, the automotive aluminum sheets are also used in automobile fuel tanks, radiators, and battery bottom plates of new energy vehicles. Welcome to leave message below to inquire what you need.

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